# My Clouds
Those "clouds" darken the light and the point of view from time to time.
During the poorly lit season or because of diverse life events. Ultimately,
everyone has his own "dark clouds" and in the best case - one makes peace
with them.

# For a while
Everything is temporary - live, love, pain. Mostly it is loss which teaches
us about the worth of things. There is a quote: "Do not cry because it's over -
be happy because it was beautiful" This is kind of intention of the song.

# Wolkengrau
In times of permanent sensory overload and daily blogs and tweets with
loads of nonsense. In this times a longing for reduction, essentiality and consciousness is growing. A new morning, new possibilities,
fresh thoughts - a bit escapism is allways good.

# In Circles
...is about the circles of life and the (often late) realization that not
everything always goes farther and higher. Despite that, to fulfil oneself and
keep life exciting is maybe the highest form of art.