With UTOPIAE german musician Konrad Schubert presents his very own
music project. He draws on the one hand from years of musical experience
and dares on the other hand more than one step into the unknown.

One could, of course, in a cursory manner assosiate the music of UTOPIAE to
genres like singer- songwriter, folk noir and postrock/indie.
But in its shades there seems to be much moreto it:
It's an attempt to omit without missing, to express without crushing.

UTOPIAE's focus is on acoustic instruments - basically voice and guitar.
No big symphonic superstructure, no rockband and no loads of electronic
gadgets should be made subject to musicaly expression.

"I like it when the intention of a song is already grasped with minimalistic instrumentation."

Just as much as necessary and as compact as possible - this be the credo!
Therefore, there are also quite percussion, strings, Harmonium or even a
Theremin in the songs.

But it is true - nothing is an end in itself.